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From the Desk of Ryan Kollock

Owner of Code Green Fitness and the developer of the All Core Training (ACT) Health and Fitness System – Laguna Beach, CA

Date: June 1, 2009


Dear Friend:


I am SO EXCITED to share this incredible news with you!


But, first, can I ask you a few questions?


  • Do you want to get in the best shape of your life, but feel totally confused about where to start?
  • Have you practically become “numb” to all the marketing and hype you see on TV about the latest and greatest weight loss gadget, potion or pill?
  • Wouldn’t you like to find a solution that is based on years of hard work, not hype?
  • Are you ready to turn back the clock, fit into your skinny jeans and get back into your bathing suit?
  • Can you imagine how much more amazing your life would be if you looked better, felt better, and just became a better person?


Well, if you’re anything like me, your answers to the above questions are a resounding “YES!”


Ryan Kollock Laguna Beach Male Personal Trainer

Ryan Kollock Laguna Beach Personal Trainer

My name is Ryan Kollock and I am the founder of Code Green Fitness. I was not always a personal trainer. I grew up in Norco, California and was an avid hunter and fisherman. My father had started me out in the construction industry as I child. I learned how to run heavy equipment and build houses. With hard labor also came a hard lifestyle. I used to drink a 12 pack of beer during the day, have a flask of Jack Daniels at night, and then head off to the bars. I also had a nasty habit of smoking cigarettes, some other things,and I loved my Copenhagen chewing tobacco. I was not the picture of health at all. However, it all changed one year when I had an epiphany. You see, there were three men that I knew and worked with since I was a child. Tragedy struck and they all died in the same year and were under the age of 55. I realized that was my future if I continued to walk the same path. Thus, it was time for me to break away and make a change for the better. So, I quit chewing tobacco and stopped using recreational drugs. Next to go was smoking cigarettes, and now I only drink on occasion. My life has completely changed.

I have been active in the health and fitness industry since 1997. I started off as a personal trainer in Riverside, and then moved over to supplements and store management. I managed a Max Muscle and Pro Shop for a couple years, focusing on helping people with their nutrition and supplementation regime. I got tired of sitting behind a counter and missed the experience of working out with people, so I went back to personal training and got a job at 24 Hour Fitness (who hasn’t?)! While I was a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in Costa Mesa I attended California State Fullerton and studied kinesiology and health with an emphasis on exercise physiology. This helped me become a more well rounded personal trainer, and not just a body builder.

My interests also grew for business and management, which soon led me to taking a risk and partnering with some friends to open up a circuit training studio in Riverside. Accelerated Results was my first major business venture. It was an investment in time and money that I eventually phased out of. Things don’t always work out as planned, so once again I decided to make work closer to home, which was in Huntington Beach at the time. I went back to 24 Hour Fitness starting off as a personal trainer again and then taking on the role of Assistant Fitness Manager and shortly thereafter, Fitness Manager.

Ryan - 220 lb. 20% Body Fat

Ryan – 220 lb. 20% Body Fat

After years of managing personal trainers and getting burned out of the hustle of corporate America, I decided I needed a change. You see, I had gained over 20lbs and 10% body fat sitting behind a desk as a manager. I had never been so fat in my life. I was always grump and tired. I was unhappy with myself and my job. Not to mention, my wife Teresa was pregnant with our first child, Jackson.

So being unhappy, unhealthy and out of shape, I left 24 Hour Fitness and went out on my own as an independent trainer. We moved to Laguna Beach, CA and I started over again. Life was not so easy starting over again, but perseverance proved that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind and efforts towards it. After a couple of years of training at various clubs like Custom Bodies Fitness, Bodywise Fitness, Sweat Fitness, The Art of Fitness, Laguna Health Club, at the park and in peoples homes, it was time to open my own personal training studio.

So in 2008, with the help of some great friends and family members, I opened up Fitness Solutions, my own personal training studio. Things went well for the first six months, and then the stock market and economic crash took place. Business had slowed down, but we survived. Going through this slow period gave me time to think and really learn how to manage and differentiate my business.

I came to the conclusion that I needed to be more than just a fitness center, I needed to stand for something. What I really need was to brand my business. But what would it be? What do I know, what do I practice that other trainers are not?

Environmental Conservation was it…Sustainable living. You see I studied environmental sciences at UCSB and UCR, and health and nutrition at CSUF. Being the father of three amazing children and having a wife that I love dearly, I value what they eat, what they play with and what they are exposed to. We have so many contaminants and toxins in our foods, water, homes, schools and business’ that it is no wonder our society is sick all the time. This is my inspiration and motivation, to help people live longer, healthier lives.

In 2009, I re-branded and launched Code Green Fitness. The response has been fantastic, and people are loving working out more than ever. You see, it’s all about quality of movement. If you cannot move, then you limit the experiences you can have. Thus, we practive movement here at Code Green Fitness. We do not have machines that you can sit on and push or pull. The idea is to get you whole body moving, so you burn more calories, increase your strength and stamina, and improve your core strength and balance. Get ready to train like an athlete.

Going Green was the best thing I had ever done. Not only was I able to open my business and thrive, but I also reclaimed my health. Come join us for the experience of your life. Get Lean…Go Green!!!


Today, I’m a dedicated fitness professional and it’s my mission in life to educate and motivate ordinary people like you and me to achieve extraordinary health and fitness results…


And, if it’s all right with you, I’d also like to help you sculpt a tight and toned beautiful body and help you get those sexy legs, arms, abs and glutes that you have always wanted.


Does that sound good?


It certainly did to these Super Fans of the ACT Health and Fitness System.  Please take a moment to see what they accomplished in just a short period of time.


David S. Personal Training Client

David S. Personal Training Client

I have been working with Ryan for over 3 years and have seen amazing results in terms of body fat reduction, muscle tone, flexibility, and overall well-being.  Previously, I worked out regularly in the gym.  But I have found that my one hour training sessions with Ryan have provided much better results. Ryan makes sure to consistently change the workout routines so that your muscle groups are constantly challenged and you develop proportionally.  He also creates a great mix of cardio and resistance trainging that ensures a great workout every time.  I would highly recommend Code Green Fitness to anyone who has a specific fitness goal in mind and is looking to achieve lasting results.



Donna Valenti - Grandma

Donna Valenti – Grandma

Code Green Fitness has been my salvation.  I am a 61 year old who wants to stay healthy to be able to enjoy my life and the lives of my kids and Grandkids.  When I started at Code Green Fitness I was out of shape, in pain and very weak.  I am now stronger, I have a lot more energy and I am pain free.  What I love about Ryan’s workouts is that they are always different and they use every part of my body.  He takes the time to make sure that my form is always correct and that I am working out at my peak.  I would out three days a week and only miss when I absolutely have to.  I have never been very athletic, but Ryan is showing me that even at my age I can be strong and coordinated.  Thanks Ryan!



Vincent B. Massage Therapist

Vincent B. Massage Therapist


Training at Code Green Fitness with Ryan Kollock has totally turned around my shoulder injury. He continually challenges me with new and innovative exercises and stretches that allow me to maximize my abilities. Along with his knowledge and passion for training, his work ethic and professionalism are second to none.  Keep up the great work Ryan!!!





Just imagine… after a few months with us, you’ll be sharing your success story, too…


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Now, if you haven’t clicked the button above yet it’s probably because you still have some questions.  I totally understand.


Perhaps you’re thinking this is all too good to be true.  After all, this is indeed a marketing page for a boot camp program, right?


Well, let me reassure you, as a small-business owner in Laguna Beach the last thing I want to do is rely on bogus “hype marketing” that will lead to a disappointed and upset community.  That’s why I put a ton of effort into researching the latest exercise and nutrition science and only using PROVEN TECHNIQUES in my All Core Training (ACT) Health and Fitness System.


For example, through the advances of science and tens of thousands of hours of practice, elite fitness professionals have discovered a very interesting fact…



In fact, it has recently been proven that spending too much time exercising will actually cause weight gain and reduce fitness!  Too much exercise will also weaken your immune system and can lead to a variety of other health issues ranging from depression to various injuries, heart problems and even death!!  No, that’s not a scare tactic, just basic science.


Now, I won’t bore you with all the details here, but to get maximum results you have to have the right combination of appropriate exercise, supportive nutrition and adequate rest.


Only with the correct combination of all three components of an effective training program will you see the results you’re looking for… you know, the kind that makes your friends ask,

“What have you been doing lately?  You look incredible!”


When you become a part of the All Core Training (ACT) Health and Fitness System community YOU WILL ACHIEVE TRULY AMAZING RESULTS…


  • Burn fat 7-9 times faster than ordinary exercise programs
  • Tighten and tone those stubborn fat areas
  • Build strong muscles and get a sexy body
  • Gain self-confidence and see yourself in a new, positive light
  • Set a good example for your children and inspire them to be healthy and fit
  • Make new, supportive friends who are on the same journey as you
  • Learn how easy and fun maintaining your new fit body is





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With Code Green Fitness you’re going to GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED.  Our 360-degree approach to weight loss and fitness includes:

1)  An Exercise Program that will Help You:

  • Decrease Body Fat and Lose Weight
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Decrease Knee and Joint Pain
  • Increase Energy
  • Decrease Neck and Back Aches and Pains
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Posture
  • Increase Lean Body Mass
  • Improve Balance and Coordination
  • Increase Sex Drive
  • Improve Your Sleep
  • Increase Stamina
  • Improve Your Nutrition and Eating Habits
  • Increase Your Confidence

2)  Weekly Health and Fitness Newsletter that provides you with a New Healthy Recipe and Tips to keep you Motivated

3)  Our Metabolism Makeover Program, which is 90 pages of:  How To Lose Weight and Keep it Off

4) Here are some more reasons why you’re going to love us:

The Client Bill of Rights:

All fitness clients are entitled to a personal trainer who:

  • Continually Tracks Your Progress and Goals as They Evolve.
  • Helps You Define & Achieve Goals that are S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely).
  • Keeps You Engaged With Fun & Interesting Workouts.
  • Stays Attentive and Focused Every Session.
  • Have Excellent Communication and Listening Skills.
  • Provides Safe and Effective Workouts.
  • Effectively Teaches You Exercise Knowledge (so you know how to work out better on your own.)
  • Is Always On Time, Prepared, With Good Hygiene and Looking Professional.
  • Has Good Availability for Your Schedule, Rarely Cancels, and Provides Advanced Notice When Canceling.
  • Responds to all Email, Text, and Voice Mail Communications Promptly.
  • Provides Motivation, Inspiration, and Leadership.
  • Consistently Provides a Customized Workout Program.
  • Challenges You to Work Out on Your Own, Be More Self-reliant with Exercise, and Addresses Lifestyle Habits.
  • Comprehensively Addresses Your Health and Fitness needs by Collaborating with a Network of Health Professionals.
  • Special Bonus Ebooks

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Are you ready to finally achieve your weight loss and fitness goals AND maintain them forever?


Well, I’m ready to help you every step of the way… LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!


Stephen Lessard - Tech

Stephen Lessard – Tech


I was very unsure about starting a fitness program, with so much misinformation about nutrition, diet plans, and gadgets that promise quick results. Ryan put together a comprehensive exercise plan using kettle bells, resistance bands, and even boxing (my new favorite), and has been there to keep me motivated, safe, and interested. I’ve achieved great results and come to enjoy exercise. That’s an accomplishment.





Dennis M. - Retired

Dennis M. – Retired


Ryan has been working with me for three years now. This old body has responded well to his instruction. My strength has improved, balance is better, and self confidence strong. Best of all, my chronic back pain has almost subsided, and continues to improve. The best payoff for this 72 year old is that my wife is impressed with the improvements from Ryan’s training, but better her girlfriends are all envious that she has a husband that is working out on a regular basis! She loves the compliments, and so do I!



Alyson Roth

Alyson Roth

How long have you been training for and what results have you experienced?

I began training in August 2008 and have noticed dramatic differences in both the strength in my arms as well as my core and back.  As a paraplegic, it is essential that I keep these areas of my body strong in order to be as independent as possible.  I am able to do many things on my own now without the fear of being stuck somewhere with no one to assist.  Ryan has helped to restore a positive self-image of myself while at the same time making me more aware of what my body actually can do despite the fact that I’m paralyzed!


Have you had other trainers in the past?  If so, how would you rate them against our services?

I have had two other trainers work with me in the past.  The first experience was great, however she is now in another state.  The second trainer was at a large, local corporate gym.  It was awful.  He totally maxed me out with weights the first time we met even after reminding him that I still had to be able to push my wheelchair around the next day.  He paid no attention to my disability during the workout and unfortunately, I was too sore to go to work the next day because I was in so much pain.  That was two years ago and the last time I worked with someone privately.  Coming to Ryan 3 months ago, I was hesitant that he would not understand how to work with my disability and that it would be a repeat experience from that at the corporate gym.  However, I was quickly proven wrong!  He is very patient and in tune to what I physically can and can’t do, but is still able to push me just a little further during each workout.  I was also skeptical that working with bands would do much toning, but I am amazed to see my arms more sculpted than when I first started.  I feel confident that Ryan has my best interest in mind and truly wants to see me happy and healthy.  With Ryan’s vast knowledge and his genuine understanding of my condition, I have been able to train two times a week and at no time have I injured myself.  If I was unable to do a particular exercise on a particular day, Ryan would always give me an alternative. Ryan always keeps me up to date with new training techniques and sets achievable challenges, and has taught me different methods of training to concur difficulties with my disability.


How would you describe your experience to a friend or family member?

Ryan has the ability to customize each workout to the needs of the individual while at the same time taking the time to explain why we were doing each exercise.  I am surprised by the versatility of exercises he is able to accomplish not only with what he has in his gym, but with what I could do with my disability, too!  He is a great encourager but very realistic about goals.  He is very aware of the body and knows how to get results.  Furthermore, the stretching at the end of the workout helps stretch areas that I am otherwise unable to do on my own, thus keeping me loose and limber.  It provides my body the opportunity to stretch and lengthen itself and in a different position than how I am for 12+ hours a day – sitting.



Would you recommend our services to a friend or family member?  Why or why not?

Due to my paraplegia, there are some muscles on the border of where my disability starts and stops that are very weak, primarily in my core trunk muscles.  Ryan has been able to take what little control I had of these muscles before and has helped me reconnect my mind to these once semi-useless muscles.  I am able to sit up straighter, bend and twist without losing my balance, and have reduced the pain in my back as these muscles had to work overtime before.  Secondly, it is important that the muscles in my arms be strong and supportive of the rest of my body.  I have noticed clearer definition and added strength during the past few weeks.  The variety of exercises – from ring pull ups to kettle bell pullovers – has kept me entertained while at the same time feeling very accomplished.  I would recommend Ryan to anyone who needs to be transformed!  He’s able to take what I brought him and make it into a stronger and more purposeful body in only a few weeks!

If you are ready to…

  1. Change Your Life
  2. Be a Better Person
  3. Feel Better
  4. Look Better
  5. Have More Energy
  6. Burn Off Pounds of Fat
  7. Look Amazing In Your Bathing Suit
  8. Have Your Family Members, Friends and Strangers Compliment You
  9. Sleep More Soundly
  10. Increase Your Stamina
  11. Improve Your Sex Drive
  12. Feel Sexier
  13. Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety
  14. Get Rid of Those Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Ankle Aches and Pains
  15. Increase Your Quality of Life
  16. Make Better Choices
  17. Eat Better
  18. Move Better
  19. Have More Confidence
  20. Have More Energy
  21. Keep Up With Your Kids/Grandkids



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Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Ryan Kollock

Code Green Fitness


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