Please be respectful and courteous to all other members!

  • Wear clean tennis shoes.  Please do not where your gardening shoes or trail running shoes into the studio.  This tracks in mud, derby and other germs and bacteria.  Invest in a pair of shoes you use only in your home and/or in the studio.
  • Use the towels that are provided for you at all times.  Make sure to wipe down equipment and mats after use.  Place towels in hamper when you are done using them.
  • Please bring your refillable water bottle to reduce waste and practice the Green Lifestyle.  If you forget your water bottle, please place all cups and recyclables in the recycling container.
  • Be respectful, courteous, positive and motivating to your fellow “Code Green Fitness” partners.  This includes showing up at your scheduled appointment on time and leaving when your time is up.
  • Please do not come in early. This is a private studio and everyone is paying for and deserves their time with their trainer.  Thank You!
  • Do not drop your weights! Set them down gentle as dropping the weights will damage the floor.
  • Do not over stretch the bands.  Single bands are meant to be stretched a maximum of 2 feet.  Double band set ups are to be stretched a maximum of 4 feet.


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