Ladies and Gentlemen, Announcing The Future In Fitness and Personal Training!

If you want to turn heads, look amazing, feel great, and change your life for the better, then we are here to help you! Come experience the future of fitness and learn how to exercise effectively by burning 100’s, if not over 1,000 calories per hour. Let our Laguna Beach personal trainers help you melt that unwanted fat off your body and tone your muscles. Learn how to exercise correctly using kettlebells, resistance bands, stability balls, medicine balls, BOSU ball, Bulgarian Bags, gymnastics rings, TRX suspension trainers, balance pads and discs, and your own body weight. We use everything except expensive, fancy, gimmicky gym equipment. Our goal is to show you that you can workout anywhere and everywhere without the need of a gym.  That way, if you go on vacation, are traveling for work, or it’s just a beautiful day outside and you cannot or do not want to go to the gym, you don’t have to, because you know what you can do on your own.Are You Tired of Working Out in the Gym and Not Getting Results?

Have you ever had any of these problems with a personal trainer?

  • They Show Up Late
  • They Cancel On You All The Time
  • The Take You Through The Same Workout Day After Day
  • They Tell You All the Gossip In The Gym
  • The Use You as Their Personal Therapist
  • You Get Minimal, If Any Results
  • You Feel Like You Are Just Writing Their Paycheck
  • They Constantly Complain to You About How Bad The Gym Manager or Owner Is
  • They Just Don’t Care


That’s why we call it private personal training.  You don’t have to worry about all that other B.S., because it is just you and your trainer.  No Distractions.  You choose your goals and we help you achieve them.  Here, you are not just another member, a number, or a paycheck.  You are part of our family, and we care.  We want you to succeed, because if you are successful, then we are successful.  You see at Code Green Fitness, we are on your team.  Our motto is:

Be Better. Feel Better. Look Better.

That’s how it goes.  You are going to be a better person by making better choices.  You are going to feel betterbecause you are taking better care of your body.  You are going to look better, because that is the by product of taking care of yourself by making better choices.  With our program the changes you make will not only affect you personally, but will have a great impact on the world.  Get Lean. Go Green!

Stephen L.I was very unsure about starting a fitness program, with so much misinformation about nutrition, diet plans, and gadgets that promise quick results. Ryan put together a comprehensive exercise plan using kettle bells, resistance bands, and even boxing (my new favorite), and has been there to keep me motivated, safe, and interested. I’ve achieved great results and come to enjoy exercise. That’s an accomplishment.

If You Are Ready To Get The Results You Deserve:  Click Here!

What can you expect at Code Green Fitness?

  • Fat Loss
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Decrease Knee and Joint Pain
  • Increase Energy
  • Decrease Neck and Back Aches and Pains
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Posture
  • Increase Lean Body Mass
  • Improve Balance and Coordination
  • Increase Sex Drive
  • Improve Your Sleep
  • Increase Stamina
  • Improve Your Nutrition and Eating Habits
  • Increase Your Confidence
  • No lines for equipment
  • No problems with parking
  • No membership fees
  • No hard sales tactics
  • No hassle guarantee!

Spaces and times are limited, so call now to reserve your VIP spot with one of our Laguna Beach personal trainers and fitness experts.

David S.I have been working with Ryan for over 3 years and have seen amazing results in terms of body fat reduction, muscle tone, flexibility, and overall well-being.  Previously, I worked out regularly in the gym.  But I have found that my one hour training sessions with Ryan have provided much better results. Ryan makes sure to consistently change the workout routines so that your muscle groups are constantly challenged and you develop proportionally.  He also creates a great mix of cardio and resistance trainging that ensures a great workout every time.  I would highly recommend Code Green Fitness to anyone who has a specific fitness goal in mind and is looking to achieve lasting results.

Call Now (949) 697-2364

What is Code Green Fitness?

Code Green Fitness is a unique personal training studio that is changing the way working out is done. Come in for the ultimate exercise and fitness experience. Laguna Beach Fitness Expert, Ryan Kollock is setting the trend and revolutionizing how working out is done. He has designed the perfect blend of strength training and interval exercises in order for you to lose fat and tighten up your body.

Our simple, yet elegant design is inviting and invigorating. You will not find another gym, health club, fitness facility, or personal training studio with this standard in Orange County. We do not charge a monthly membership fee, we don’t charge you for towel service, we don’t charge you for cups and water.  We provide you with towel and water service, exceptional customer service and it’s all included in your training rate, so all you have to do is show up. It’s that easy.

Creating a better body and life for yourself is not something you try, but something you do. It’s time to turn back the clock, recapture your youth, and create a new lifestyle for yourself.

What services do are our Laguna Beach personal trainers ?

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our Laguna Beach Personal Trainers are committed to you.

Here is why you’re going to love us:

The Client Bill of Rights

All fitness clients are entitled to a personal trainer who:

  • Continually Tracks Your Progress and Goals as They Evolve.
  • Helps You Define & Achieve Goals that are S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely).
  • Keeps You Engaged With Fun & Interesting Workouts.
  • Stays Attentive and Focused Every Session.
  • Confirms Every Appointment.
  • Has Excellent Communication and Listening Skills.
  • Provides Safe and Effective Workouts.
  • Effectively Teaches You Exercise Knowledge (so you know how to work out better on your own.)
  • Is Always On Time, Prepared, With Good Hygiene and Looking Professional.
  • Has Good Availability for Your Schedule, Rarely Cancels, and Provides Advanced Notice When Canceling.
  • Responds to all Email, Text, and Voice Mail Communications Promptly.
  • Provides Motivation, Inspiration, and Leadership.
  • Consistently Provides a Customized Workout Program.
  • Challenges You to Work Out on Your Own, Be More Self-reliant with Exercise, and Addresses Lifestyle Habits.
  • Comprehensively Addresses Your Health and Fitness needs by Collaborating with a Network of Health Professionals.

Vincent B.Training at Code Green Fitness with Ryan Kollock has totally turned around my shoulder injury. He continually challenges me with new and innovative exercises and stretches that allow me to maximize my abilities. Along with his knowledge and passion for training, his work ethic and professionalism are second to none.  Keep up the great work Ryan!!!

Space and times are limited!

Click Here to Apply Today!

If you are ready to…

  1. Change Your Life
  2. Be a Better Person
  3. Feel Better
  4. Look Better
  5. Have More Energy
  6. Burn Off Pounds of Fat
  7. Look Amazing In Your Bathing Suit
  8. Have Your Family Members, Friends and Strangers Compliment You
  9. Sleep More Soundly
  10. Increase Your Stamina
  11. Improve Your Sex Drive
  12. Feel Sexier
  13. Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety
  14. Get Rid of Those Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Ankle Aches and Pains
  15. Increase Your Quality of Life
  16. Make Better Choices
  17. Eat Better
  18. Move Better
  19. Have More Confidence
  20. Have More Energy
  21. Keep Up With Your Kids/Grandkids

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