Exercise During Pregnancy in Laguna Beach

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Laguna Beach that can help you exercise safely and effectively during pregnancy?

It is said within the medical community that healthy, pregnant women who exercise tend to have an easier time during delivery.

The benefits of exercising during pregnancy include…

  • the possibility of a shorter labor
  • perceive deliver to be less painful
  • and have a faster post partum recover.

Women that exercise during pregnancy have:

  • stronger muscles
  • better balance and coordination
  • reduced swelling
  • less back pain.
  • and tend to regain energy faster

For a Free Consultation contact Laguna Beach personal trainer ,

and learn how to workout in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester.

Laguna Beach personal trainer specializes in pre and post natal personal fitness training, and exercise during pregnancy. Learn safe and proper fitness exercises during pregnancy that you can do without compromising your health or your baby’s. Laguna Beach Fitness Experts have specially designed workouts and exercises during pregnancy to help you feel and look your best. Learn the most effective pre and post natal personal training exercises to make you healthy, fit, and get your body back.

Not sure what to do or where to start?

You can work with one of our Certified Personal Trainers, that will guide you step by step through your program. Learn how to perform exercises and stretches that are safe and beneficial to you and your baby’s health. You may even join the fun in one of our boot camps and bring a friend or two. Whatever your needs, Laguna Beach personal trainer, Ryan Kollock is here for you and your baby. Exercise during pregnancy and get your body back in shape with our after pregnancy workouts.


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