Are you looking to work with a Personal Trainer in Laguna Beach for half the price?

How would you like a personal trainer in Laguna Beach to work you and your friends out together, or just meet more people that are motivated to get in shape like yourself?

If you want to drop fat, tone your muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness then our high-intensity, low-cost fitness Group Training Workouts will have you reaching your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Small Group Training is the new trend in exercise and fitness, and Code Green Fitness has set the bar.

Our Group Training Workouts provide all of the benefits of our high-end personal training programs at a fraction of the cost. Not only will you get the benefits of a traditional personal training workout program, but you will finally see the results you have struggled to achieve by yourself and with other trainers.We limit our small group workouts to a maximum of 6 people, that way you still get that personal training feel and appeal and are not lost in a class and treated like just another class participant.

During our small group workouts you will feel your muscles working through full ranges of motion and your heart rate reaching optimal training levels. Afterwards your metabolism will be soaring for hours.

You will not find another personal training studio in Laguna Beach, or Orange County for that matter that takes your health and fitness as serious as we do.

How are the Workouts Structured?

The Small Group Workouts are 60 minutes. We begin with trigger point and self massage using the foam roller in order to break up those knots or adhesions (tight spots) in your body, followed by some stretches to lengthen those tight muscles and increase your flexibility. Next phase of the workout is mobility. Our mobility exercises are combinations of movements that will warm up your joints and prepare you for our metabolic workouts as well as increase your overall range of motion, making it easier for you to move and help eliminate those aches and pains. Next comes the Metabolic and Interval Workout. The Metabolic workout lasts 24-28 minutes and we train on a timed work/rest interval. The work/rest interval changes every month. This way your body is constantly shocked, thus preventing you from plateauing. Your Laguna Beach personal trainer will demonstrate and instruct you on the exercises that are involved in each and every one of our metabolic and interval circuits. We finish every workout with a post workout stretch on the body parts that we trained that day. Every workout includes core fitness strengthening and training.

We also have our NEW EXPRESS TOTAL BODY WORKOUTS, which are 30 minutes. We go right into a full body circuit. The circuit changes every workout. Our circuits also consist of Interval Training. The timed work/rest intervals change every month.

We provide you with a different workout everyday, that way your body is constantly challenged and you never plateau.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays All Core Training Total Body Workouts are at 6, 7, 8, 10:30 am and 5:30 pm.

Tuesdays and Thursdays Express Total Body Workout: 6:30 – 7 am.


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